U.S. Memorial Wereth

U.S. Memorial

A tribute to eleven WW II G.I.s of the 333rd U.S. Field Artillery Battalion and to all African-American soldiers who served during World War II.

A small memorial – A unique story


On Sep 11, 1994, Hermann Langer erected a small stone cross to remember the eleven black G.I.s of the 333rd Field Artillery Battalion who were murdered by German SS after they had surrendered during the second  day of the Battle of the Bulge.
This new memorial, inaugurated on May 23, 2004,  honors their memory and all black G.I.s and segregated units who fought in Europe during WW II.
It is believed that this is the only WW II memorial of its type in Europe. 

The U.S. Memorial Wereth  is a non profit association founded by  private citizens, all volunteers. Their goal is to sustain a permanent memorial to honor and remember these men.

The Memorial is located in Wereth, Belgium, which is a tiny hamlet in Eastern Belgium, on the site of the massacre.

Remembering is our obligation

Discover the History

We put together all information about the massacre and the backgrounds on our website. By browsing the three pages beneath, you can discover the Wereth Eleven story.


The History

Discover the story and events that happened in December 1944. 


The soldiers

Meet the eleven black G.I.s, that were murdered by the SS on December 17th, 1944.


The Langers

Meet the Langer family, that opened it’s door for the Eleven soldiers – despite risking their own life.

The association

Explore What We Are Doing

The U.S. Memorial Wereth VoG. is not only responsible for the actual monument, but also takes care of administrative and organizational aspects and fulfills an educational mission in society.

The next ceremony

The next ceremony will be on May 18th, 2024 – 11 a.m.